Espley Consulting & Negotiation Limited, or EC&N as we are generally known, is a commercially orientated, legal consultancy, dedicated to enabling business. We can advise and guide you on complex legal and business issues, in multiple jurisdictions with expertise in many sectors.  

We specialise in supporting domestic and international expansion for FTSE 100s and SMEs, by organic growth, joint venture and acquisition; and we are very experienced negotiators with particular expertise in providing legal advice and support in the following sectors:- 

EC&N is built on over 25 years’ experience of providing legal services to business in the UK and in more than 40 other jurisdictions around the world. Founded on a passion for enabling business, we strive to remove barriers, provide business-focused solutions, and simplify processes to allow our clients to concentrate on their core commercial activities.  

We provide business to business services at rates which are highly competitive with other legal consultancies and law firms. Our rates are:  

GBP £125 (EUR €140) an hour; or   

GBP £1,000 (EUR €1,120) a day.  

We also offer a variety of separately priced packages for Estonian business services.