Investment & Expansion

EC&N possesses the skill set to manage all the domestic and international legal affairs of an MNC or SME on an interim or ongoing basis.
Investment & Expansion
EC&N’s Investment & Expansion department can:
  • Provide strategic input into growth and investment strategy;
  • Support organic growth, especially in the following sectors: technology, media, telecommunications, outsourcing, recruitment, hospitality, shipping, port operation, logistics and FMCG;
  • Enable international investment via acquisitions and joint ventures;
  • Support acquisitions and joint ventures through due diligence, document preparation, deal coordination, negotiation, closing and warranty review post-closing;
  • Analyse corporate, regulatory and legal environments;
  • Incorporate companies, providing all required support including regulatory, filing, compliance and directorial services, and management of local advisers in multiple jurisdictions; and
  • Protect IPR in new markets via the devising of cost-effective trademark strategies and registration, maintaining scalable trademark portfolios.
EC&N personnel have experience of supporting investment and expansion, including:
  • Wide M&A experience, including: acquisitions of: £876m (VM Data), £631m (Unilog), £370m (PDV); £500m merger (CMG); £80m joint venture (Edinfor);
  • Supporting a UK based PLC in its international expansion programme in both India and Australia, providing strategic input, negotiating commercial agreements, forming local entities and fulfilling local regulatory and legal requirements;
  • Devising new terms of business to support the transformation of a service provider from a capex-based, UK-centric business to a global, SaaS provider;
  • Supporting significant international projects in the shipping industry, including the establishment of a JV and Fund for the acquisition of port and logistic assets in the Russian Federation; the acquisition of a controlling stake in a major port operator in KSA; the renewal of key port concessions in the UAE for a term of multiple decades; the negotiation of 3 major port and logistic concessions in Iraq; and a concession for the operation and development of a Brazilian port; and
  • Incorporating companies for a provider of hospitality software in Thailand, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

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