Telecommunications Media & Technology (TMT)

EC&N has the proven skill set to support businesses in the TMT sector from the largest, most established MNCs to the most innovative of start-ups.
Telecommunications Media & Technology (TMT)
EC&N’s TMT services department can:
  • Provide a complete legal service to those just entering or well established in the TMT sector;
  • Support the global expansion of a TMT MNC; drawing on direct experience of working in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Negotiate high profile contracts with national service providers;
  • Provide seasoned negotiators with the experience of representing clients from tier 1 players to start-ups;
  • Devise efficient contractual arrangements which help the client coordinate the contributions of various suppliers to complex projects;
  • Protect the IPR of clients through the efficient management of IPR portfolios, trademark registrations, co-ordinating patent registrations and resolving infringement disputes;
  • Draft a wide variety of agreements to enable the effective commercial exploitation of IPR including confidentiality agreements, evaluation licences, system licences, distribution licences and agency agreements; and
  • Support a wide variety of activities in the TMT sector, including telecommunications, mobile networks, SMC systems, media (especially live streaming), SAP, payroll and HR.
EC&N’s personnel’s have more than 20 years’ experience in the TMT sector. Our experience includes:
  • Supporting FTSE 100 TMT multinational, Logica PLC for 9 years in 44 countries;
  • Negotiating a £120m contract with Indosat of Indonesia for the design, build and operate of an SMSC system for the provision of a national mobile service; this deal involved the co-ordination of 7 subcontractors, including Microsoft;
  • Working on a variety of MSA and M2M projects for Vodafone, including being legal lead on a global fixed and mobility service provision worth c. £300 for a major logistics provider;
  • At a time when 66% of the world’s sms’ traffic went through Logica software, concluding contracts to establish India-wide mobile networks for Reliance, Tata and Spice Telecom; and for Grameenphone across Bangladesh;
  • Providing legal consultancy to V-Nova Limited, a start-up which developed innovative video streaming technology;
  • Concluding contracts to establish and provide ongoing maintenance and support to some of the largest communication networks in the Middle East, including Etisilat of the UAE and Saudi Telecom (STC) of KSA;
  • Providing legal consultancy to BT, participating in the negotiation of a £200m contract with a major UK financial institution;
  • Providing legal consultancy to V-Nova Limited, a start-up which developed innovative video streaming technology; and
  • Undertaking an interim assignment as Head of legal for a US/UK headquartered technology company, supporting major investment in China, managing multi-million dollar patent litigation in US and Europe; providing strategic input at senior management level and managing a legal department of six.

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