EC&N can draw on its personnel's more than 20 years of experience of Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing.
EC&N’s Outsourcing department can:
  • Devise and negotiate contractual structures for multi-million pound outsourcing deals for MNCs;
  • Put together bespoke contractual arrangements for SMEs, including those with boutique or niche markets;
  • Create nearshoring constructs, particularly for UK companies within EU jurisdictions (especially Estonia), post Brexit;
  • Provide “level playing field” contractual architecture which best supports a mutually beneficial relationship over the often 5 to 10-year term of an outsourcing agreement;
  • Craft the contractual checks and balances (benchmarking, service credits, change-control etc.) which keep an outsourcing relationship working efficiently over its term; and
  • Provide expertise in devising and negotiating agreements for IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, application management and managed services.
EC&N personnel’s experience of outsourcing and IT outsourcing includes:
  • Extensive outsourcing experience in the U.K and Europe, including contracts with lifetime values of: £750m, £450m, £250m, £80m and £70m;
  • Providing legal consultancy to BT, participating in the negotiation of a £200m outsourcing contract with a major UK financial institution;
  • Negotiating IT contracts with governmental organisations, including: central banks such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), for the provision of a central RTGS system; the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), negotiating the contract for the creation of a new case management system; and education regulators, e.g. OFSTED;
  • Negotiating major automotive outsourcing contracts, including with Ford UK for the provision of an IT service involving 13,000 dedicated staff; and a global IT outsource with Lotus cars and its Malaysian parent company, Proton;
  • Negotiating IT outsourcing contacts with major utility companies including Thames Water, Hyder (formerly part of Western Power Distribution) worth £100m and Transport for London;
  • Contracts for IT outsourcing services for the aviation industry, including Airbus (£10m) and Britannia Airways (£18m); and
  • Putting in place the contractual arrangements to establish a facility in Makati City, Philippines which provided HR and payroll services to 850 customer organisations globally.

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